Arro Nar

Dark Side Adept


A slave to the Night Sisters, Arro’s Force talent with fire has been twisted into a mastery of “The Circle of Darkness Flame”. The primary attack is half Fire and half Dark Force, hurled with explosive impacts.

A second and more insidious power is his ability to share his enslavement, forcing the weak of heart to become subdued or act in his stead. He prefers to weaken opponents and then force them to attack one another.

Inside, however, he loathes his weakness and is unable to break free of the Sisters’ control.


As Arro died, black flames consuming his broken body, he felt a faint touch of the light side once more and thanked his killers. The fate of his spirit is unknown.


Arro Nar

Ex:SWTOR 1, A Shift in the Force Jp12x