Jim was based on the schematics of HK-05. These HK’s appeared, to the untrained eye, to be nothing more than servant droids. Czerka Corporation was able to conceal their role in HK-01’s creation, and the Hunter-Killer series continued production, evolving over time with newer and more advanced models. Some of the most infamous of HK-01’s successors included HK-24, HK-47, and the plentiful HK-50 models.

Jim was built by:

  • The heroic droid 2B-
  • Cass, 2B’s personal mechanic
  • Captain K’Ehleyr Wynver
  • LE-74D80, ‘Leigh’ – K’Ehleyr’s personal repair droid

The crew then thought it would be a good idea to give each HK a name rather than designation number to give them a sense of individuality. Hewie was based on the schematics of HK-01 primarily serves 2B, Jim was based on the schematics of HK-05 primarily serves Sarwen Gall and Lewie was based on the schematics of HK-12 primarily serves K’Ehleyr Wynver.


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