Colra March's Custom Sidearm

Z-22 Peacemarker

weapon (ranged)

Spd 4
Acc +1
Dmg 15L
Def -
Rate 3
Range 10m
Ammo 60
Min Str 1
Cost 1,000 credits
Wt 1kg
Tags EN, 1EC

EC = Energy Cells required
EN = Energy Damage (Ignores Armor unless armor includes Phrik or Cortosis weave)


This weapon was the Corellian Private Investigator Colra March’s personal and custom made Sidearm, the Z-22 Peacemaker was designed to be superior to the standard ranged blaster pistol of both military personnel and civilians in the galaxy. It packed a serious punch which was more like a large, heavy blaster rifle without losing accuracy. The Z-22 Peacemaker used a combination of coherent energy bolts of photons/pulses and forced plasma beams to form the deadly bolts fired from the blaster. Effortlessly reconfigured based on the intensity and field of the beam and a variety of adjustments, a wide array of effects could be achieved by the weapon. For example stun settings that incapacitate a target, rather than inflicting physical damage or it could fire a wide range with varying degrees of concentrated searing concussive blasts.

Colra March's Custom Sidearm

Ex:SWTOR 1, A Shift in the Force Lord_Cygnus