The Easy Lady XVI

Captain Shevel's freighter


YD-3200 Light Freighter

Role: Light Transport
Size: Light Freighter (Length 75m, Beam 22.5m)
Speed: 2 space/2 atmo (Sublight Drive: Ion Engines)
Maneuverability -5
Soak: 15L
Health Levels: 55/110
Armament: None
Crew/minimum: 9/2 (Captain, Pilot, 2 Co-pilots, Navigator, Communication officer, 3 Technicians), 16 passengers
Cargo: 500 tons
Hyperdrive: Class 4.0 (Navigation computer equipped)
Maximum Speed (Atmosphere): 800 km/h
Available Emplacement Points: 6
Cost: 300,000 credits (125,000 credits used)
Manufacturer: Core Galaxy Systems

Armament: None standard, can be refitted with various configurations
Escape craft: Detachable Cockpit, 4 escape pods
Consumables: 1 year


A progenitor of the Consular-class space cruiser, the YD-3200 was a clunky-looking starship from Corellian Engineering Corporation’s YD series light freighters. It was slow and not very maneuverable in its stock configuration, but it could be modified to improve its power and weaponry.

It contained two large, main cargo holds, four secondary cargo holds, and many hidden compartments throughout the ship, ideal for smuggling or simply hiding valuables. Due to the fact that many smugglers and freighter captains both worked and lived aboard their ships, the XS was also designed with many of the standard comforts any being would need, including a lounge for recreation and extra sleeping quarters.

Four escape pods capable of each seating five people were equipped on the YD-3200. Also, the cockpit was designed to separate from the ship as an additional emergency pod when there was no other way to rescue passengers and crew.

The Easy Lady XVI

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