Zentarian T-50 Datapad


Type: Handheld Computer
Skill: Computer Ops, Computer Program/Repair
Weight: .5kg
Cost: 800
Availability: 1,F
Body: 2D+1
Power: 1D
Memory: 12D
Description: A decent datapad for all occasions, the T-50 has the ability to deliver. The case can withstand hard impacts and even comes with armor upgrades, starting at 1D protection. Data storage is also not a problem. This computer comes with a large enough storage capacity to store up to 100,000 books or the detailed plans of a Nebulon-B Frigate. This capacity can be upgraded as well. The small computer is also compatible with all standard data chips, recording rods and many other devices common throughout the galaxy. The datapad can also store up to 10 hours of holovids, 100 hours of standard video or 1000 hours of audio.

Included in the cost is the ability to encrypt data near military grade. The device can also be voice activated and can be secured by print and DNA.

Armored Case Upgrades:
Level 1: 1, Cost: +75
Level 2: +2, Cost: +125
Level 3: +1D, Cost: +200
Level 4: +1D
1, Cost: 300
Level 5: +1D
2, Cost: +450
Level 6: +2D, Cost: +600

Memory Upgrades (maximum of 16D):
Grade I: +1D, Cost: +100
Grade II: +2D, Cost: +220
Grade III: +3D, Cost: +335
Grade IV: +4D, Cost: +450


Zentarian T-50 Datapad

Ex:SWTOR 1, A Shift in the Force Lord_Cygnus