Character Creation

Players choose the species/subspecies/race and the Exalted type most appropriate to their character concept:
• Mortal (Background characters)
• Heroic Mortal (Force sensitives and background heroes. For example, Senator Organa or Wedge Antilles)
• Dragonblooded (Any appropriate alien race)
• Solar (Jedi, Force users from other traditions)
• Lunar (Shapechangers: Clawdites, Dazouri, Felacatian, etc.)
• Alchemical (Droids)
• Sidereal (Some Jedi counselors, Sith, and Force Sensitives)
• Infernal (Sith)
• Akuma (Pretty much anyone who’s ‘fallen to the dark side’)

Sample Concepts:
• Bureaucrat— Quarren record keeper, Bith tax collector, Mrlssi clerk
• Craftsman— Rodian swoop customizer, Droid astrogator, Geonosian droid assembler
• Criminal— Hutt smuggler, Barabel pirate, Bothan secret agent
• Entertainer— Twi’lek dancer, Vor musician, Wookie gladiator
• Merchant— Mon Calamari caravan owner, Trandoshan slave trader, Verpine shopkeeper
• Priest— Nautolan Jedi Knight, Selkath Dark Side Cult leader, Droid Cult Leader
• Savant— Neti historian, Celegian healer, Ergesh bio-engineer
• Soldier— Droids guardsman, Duros bounty hunter, Herglic Republic Trooper
• Thaumaturge— Miralukan fortune-teller, Sith Inquisitor, Human Witch of Dathomir
• Worker— Droid moisture farmer, Droid translator, Sullustan dock worker

Follow the rules for your Exalt. No changes.

• There are no new abilities.
Craft skills will be used as normal.
• Sail is for all vehicle piloting
• Ride is for all animal riding
• Archery will be the basic shooting ability.
• Computer use will not be a separate ability. Computers will be used via investigation, bureaucracy, larceny, craft, etc, as needed. It may still be a useful specialty. Craft (Magitech) will be used for building and repairing computers and other devices.

• Force-sensitive crystals will follow Hearthstone rules and have various uses.
• Lightsabers are not powered by special crystals but can be augmented with them. Different lightsabers are designed with different numbers of hearthstone sockets and have both a cash value and an artifact rating (1-5).
• Ships have both a cash value and an artifact rating (1-5+).
NPC droids have both a cash value and an artifact rating (1-5+).
• Allies, Familiar, Followers, and Mentor could be droids.
• Manses are exceedingly rare and should not be bought without GM consultation.
• Resources— Most characters will track current cash instead of using Resources. There are many different kinds of currency in the galaxy. But, unless the type of currency is important to the story, a Republic Credit standard should be used for player and storyteller ease. As a quick reference, 1 Republic credit = $1 US.

• Starting Money: 2500 credits.
• Conversions of some basic weapons and armor are available here.
• Per (some book’s sidebar), a PC may have a piece of equipment that is not integral to the character. That equipment is picked up and gained or lost according to the game/plot. If a character has gear that is virtually part of the character [like Captain America’s Shield], then XP should be when the item is gained and, if lost, the PC will be reimbursed the XP or will regain the item in the story. This allows a level of security for players in creating characters (much as a moderate resources background can).
• Normal: Most mortals have less than 1 Essence (example: 0.82 essence). Essence rounds up for charm defense, etc.
• Force Sensitive: Characters with 1 Essence or greater but without any Charms (often Heroic Mortal characters).
• Force User: Characters with 1 Essence or greater with Charms (Exalt characters).
• Force Adept: A catch-all term for Force users who are self-trained or belong to small traditions (diminutive term if not derogatory. In Exalted AKA Essence Users).
• Sidereal Destinies can be created but Resplendent Destinies do not create a false identity. People remember meeting a Sidereal. Resplenencies can still be used, if the Sidereal is acting according to the destiny. Arcane Fate does not exist either.
• Sorcery is rare, even among Force users. Most Force users learn only Excellency and/or Martial Arts Charms. Trained Force users from established traditions learn the more advanced Charms of their traditions.

Character Creation

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