Craft Abilities

Despite the fantastic technology seen in the Star Wars galaxy, there is little need for an advanced crafting system. The existing game mechanic is perfectly appropriate with a single, bold-type change to Magictech. A starship mechanic would need Craft (Magitech) and it’s requirements include Craft (Air) [note the ‘high-precision items’], Craft (Fire), Lore [always useful as a ‘know about it’ skill] and one other craft [probably Craft (Water) for fuel, lubricant, and liquid gases].

These Crafts are listed in alphabetical order.

Craft (Air)
Calligraphy, jewelry-making, creating precision instruments and glassblowing (making small, decorative or high-precision items).
Craft (Earth)
Masonry, stone cutting, creating earthworks (creating buildings and large objects with stone or earth).
Craft (Fire)
Blacksmithing, making ceramics (forging and casting large metal objects and creating objects using fire).
Craft (Genesis)
The skill of modifying and creating biological organisms using Essence and technology. Requires: Lore, Medicine and Occult.
Source: Wonders of the Lost Age, p. 8.
Craft (Magitech)
The ability to repair, operate and maintain all kinds of complicated devices. Requires: Craft Air, Craft Fire, one other Craft skill and Lore.
Source: Wonders of the Lost Age, p. 8.
Craft (Water)
Cooking, brewing, leather working, pharmacy, poison-making (boiling and cooking plants, chemicals and animal materials).
Craft (Wood)
Carpentry, weaving, paper-making, flower arranging (carving, weaving and manipulating natural materials).

Other craft skills exist in second edition and may be used at the storyteller’s discreton.

Craft Abilities

Ex:SWTOR 1, A Shift in the Force Teleute