3808 BBY.

Set a century after the events of KOTOR 1 and 2 but a century prior to the TOR MMO, the campaign focuses on the crew of a small ship.

The Republic has largely recovered from the Mandalorian and Jedi wars but spends most of its energy on the security of the core systems. Criminal organizations operate, with varying degrees of influence, throughout the galaxy.

The Jedi Order is rebuilding but only numbers dozens and is highly focused on Coruscant and a few other systems.

The Sith are defeated and the remnants of their fighting forces do not have the leadership to create an inter-system threat.

Due to low recruiting from both Sith and Jedi, other traditions of force users are at their highest numbers ever, from the Baran Do, Witches of Dathomir, and Matukai Adepts to the rebuilding Miraluka. Traditions large and small, Gray Jedi, failed apprentices, and self-taught force adepts provide a far more colorful and varied view of the force than seen in later millennia.

Introduction: Poor Captain Shevel is a bad judge of character. A retired officer of the Corellian Security Force ( CorSec), he sunk his entire life savings into a ship (the Easy Lady XV) and cargo. Run after run, he found his pension being spent on making up shortfalls due to consistent lack of profits. Recently, his ship was impounded, and he imprisoned, when the customs inspection found a crate of Gizka hidden on board (with attached Bill of Lading and delivery instructions). The former crew of the Easy Lady is now stranded on Ord Mantell and unable to smuggle goods under Shevel’s hapless watch. Ships are available for purchase, lease, trade, and barter… …but these rascals might just steal the best and run.

[Local players are set. I can add two more, maybe. We’re going to use a server-based map and skype for a player in Chicago. So, I’m looking for part-time, remote players. These ‘second tier’ players would develop and play characters and organizations that would interact with the players, when appropriate. A live feed/chat system needs to be worked out.]

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