Pazaak is the most widely played casino banking game in the galaxy. Each player randomly draws four cards from their side deck. Only one card may be played per turn. The two players are then each dealt one card with the option of drawing cards to gain the highest score without exceeding 20. The player who wins three rounds wins the match. Tied rounds are not counted.
Filling the table: If a player can place 9 cards on the table without busting, he receives an automatic win, regardless of the total numerical value of either his or his opponent’s cards.

There are three different decks in pazaak:
• The main deck, or “table deck”, composed of cards numbered 1-10 (the total cards in this deck is unbound, though it tended to have four of each number).
• One side deck for each player in the game. These decks are assembled by the players and need to have exactly ten cards.

Republic Senate rules: Version played just to waste only time (and not money), in which nothing was bet and no one came on top. The name was mockingly derived from the way that bureaucrats babbled on while taking no risks and accomplishing nothing.
Nar Shaddaa rules: Version in which the players removing clothing.

Galactic Pazaak Tour (GPT)
Pazaak Quarter 1 Coronet League First Elimination Tournament

Core Series of Pazaak (CSOP)

Download Pazaak Cantina v1.8.2

• Celebrity Pazaak Showdown
• Colonial Heads-Up Pazaak Championship
• Coruscant Series of Pazaak
• Galactic Pazaak Tour
• Heartland Pazaak Tour
• High Stakes Pazaak
• Nar Shaddaa Pazaak Equalizer
• Pazaak After Dark
• Pazaak Dome Challenge
• Pazaak Royale
• Pazaak Superstars Kajidic Invitational Tournament
• Professional Pazaak Tour
• Ultimate Pazaak Challenge
• United Galactic Core Pazaak Championship


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