Session 04

Session 04: “This job goes south, there well may not be another. So here is us, on the raggedy edge.”

Captain Shevel completed refitting the “Lucky Lady XVI” and carried a shipment of Wyren’s Reserve to Corellia. The crew headed to “The Works” on Coruscant, pursuing information provided by Arkanian historian, Hanna Mess, who claimed the remains of droid revolutionary HK-01 and a host of other droids were on board. She further believed the vessel contains a light saber owned by Jedi Master Arca Jeth. The weapon was lost to a droid and forced Master Jeth to spontaneously develop the “mechu macture” Force ability. With an old survey map, 2B and Sarwen Gall headed into The Works.

Summary from the notes of K’Ehleyr Wynver:

Elsewhere, on board her ship, the extremely customized Corellian YV-545 Transport light freighter, “The Queen of Air and Darkness” Captian K’Ehleyr Wynver had recently came into possession of a treasure map. An old acquaintance of her’s had sold a frail, crumbling bit of film to her for 50 credits to help pay off a loan. The film was a piece of a 1st draft of an old document, Conflagration: An Eyewitness Account of the Great Droid Uprising. The page states that HK-01’s flagship crashed deep into Coruscant; the attempted recovery by his forces started the Battle of Monument Plaza. HK was impersonated for the remainder of the conflict and his look-alike was captured. This information clearly did not make it into the final draft of the book. A casual collector or auction house will pay 50,000 to 100,000 credits for the remains of HK-01, the draft film page, and a recording of the finding of the remains.

So she decided to turn her ship to around and head towards Coruscant to investigate the crash site. Once arriving on planet, she stopped off at a reputable cantina to find someone local assist her in her search of the Works. While making inquiries she learned that a pair of off-world investigators, a robed scholarly looking young male and his protocol droid, had entered into the Works two days prior to her arrival. But neither had been seen since, so K’Ehleyr contemplated that it would be a very good indeed idea to hire a local guide. She ended up hiring Sal, from the Coruscant Security Force (CSF) and he offered to drive them around in his older model landspeeder.

Once arriving in the Works the landspeeder soon came across 2B and Sarwen Gall who had been walking for two days due to outdated maps. K’Ehleyr had a newer map and information, so after sharing data she offered 2B and Sarwen Gall a ride to crash site of HK-01. The team arrived at the wrecked ship by stealth and 2B confronted a mad droid on the bridge. Claiming to be “Ruler” the droid recognized 2B as an HK and a brother, giving him permission to wander the vessel. In a droid-constructed museum, the light saber and the HK-01, HK-05 and HK-12 schematics were found. In a charitable mood, Sarwen Gall scanned the lightsaber but decided not to steal it, however he would make a copy of its design. During the scanning, he found a mysterious holocron shard, which the team decided that they would take try to return to a Jedi archivist. K’Ehleyr made copies of the all the HK droid schematics and agreeing that the droids were not likely to do harm anytime soon, the travelers left for the surface.

Following on the heels of their successful Works venture, Captain K’Ehleyr offered the services of her Corellian YV-545 Transport light freighter “The Queen of Air and Darkness” so that the three new friends (Sarwen Gall, 2B, and K’Ehleyr Wynver) could travel to Faleen. Finding the Faleen a haughty and overly sensitive race, their new investigation was slow. 2B hired a consultant and a meeting with Xishel, a Faleen mercenary captain, was arranged. Xishel admitted to having difficulties himself and offered a reward for success as well as the information from his investigation.

Summary from the notes of 2B-:

Dear Robot Diary,

Today, I discovered evidence that my history was that of being the notorious droid revolutionary HK-01 – the leader of the droid uprising. Although this evidence was based solely on the word of another droid, I believe him. I feel this is something I have known, and known for a long time. However, the confirmation does not sooth the fires of confusion, curiosity, and loneliness that surge through my system like a virus. I do not feel any closer to answering the question: who am I? Why am I so different from other droids? Why am I constructed this way? Who constructed me? And if HK-01 wanted to fight the organics, why do I feel driven to help them? Yet, I bought a ridiculously big gun? Which one of us was the real droid? Am I a brainwashed killer, or was he a sympathetic droid who was reprogrammed to kill?

I went into the planetary subsystem expecting a fight and hard answers. I left without a scratch and more questions. Alas, I am so emo alone…

Expired Rumors

•Xishel, a Falleen mercenary captain, is looking for the stolen property of the Falleen King Xahim.

• A smuggler ship, the Prodigal One, crashed near the mountain hamlet of Boll Vista while evading a scan from the tax department. The local fauna can be dangerous but a communication only hours ago suggests the smuggler, Batta Kam, and her cargo is intact. Fierce winds and weather brought the vehicle down and are keeping out security forces. Rescue forces will not be dispatched. A successful recovery without ‘legal entanglements’ is worth 25,000 credits.

Session 04

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