Session 05

Session 05: “Too much foofaraw. If I’m going to wear a dress, I’d want something with some slink.”

Captain Shevel of the “Lucky Lady XVI” is negotiating the sale of his shipment of Wyren’s Reserve. The crew is on Faleen, searching for the rainment of the Faleeen Queen. Mercenary Captain Xishel has given the names of the three most likely culprits ( Vu Jaggotta, Viiki Ghishole, and Ella Caxir) and the most likely mastermind ( Kem Xochall). Xishel claims to be able to command a sizable reward from the Falleen King Xahim and will pay handsomely for a successful mission.

Summary from the observations of Captian K’Ehleyr Wynver:

My newly established comrades, the powerful patchwork /former HK-01 droid, 2B- as well as the formidable fallen Jedi pupil, Sarwen Gall and of course myself, on the planet Faleen. The three of us had been hired by a local Mercenary Captain named Xishel, to help him with his so far unsuccessful investigation. Returning the stolen raiment of the Faleen Queen and finding the guilty party responsible for the theft. Xishel provided us with the names of the three most likely culprits. They were the following; Vu Jaggotta, the supposedly ill-famed Anarchist leader of the Rising Flames, a Swoop Gang. Viiki Ghishole, an infamous organizer of the Faleen Underclass and Worker Unionizer. Ella Caxir, a notorious Social Revolutionary as well as a renowned self-help guru. However, in all probability the mastermind behind the thievery of the Queen’s raiment would be Kem Xochall a Faleen Politician and Powerbroker who’s very likely has been operating for some time against the Royal Family.

Our team discussed where to begin our own manhunt and we all shared Captain Xishel’s opinion that Kem Xochall was the architect of these transgressions. The team determined that we would start with the least probable perpetrator and work our way up the list suspects. So we decided to start off with Vu Jaggotta and looked for a way to making contact with him.
We learned that there was an upcoming Swoop competition and our team could pose as a Swoop Racers to get in close to Vu Jaggotta and his Gang the Rising Flames. I was talking over stripping down my own customized BARC speeder, that I obtained on Kashyyyk, with 2B- personal mechanic Cass and my own LE-series repair droid, LE-74D80 (Leigh). Jointly Cass and Leigh concurred that together they could fairly easily convert it into a Swoop, which would take them about eighteen hours to complete or perhaps fifteen hours or so, if I agreed to assist them.
Though, fate seemed to smile on us that day as delivery crew that all of a sudden appeared driving an Aratech Z-24 Cargo Master Heavy Speeder Truck that just happened to be hauling an Ubrikkian Industries Skybird Racing Swoop, covered with numerous sponsor logos. Luckier still was the shipping manifest that arrived with this Swoop was damaged, which only read: “– Wyn –”. Which I enthusiastically claimed as ours anticipated property since my name was K’Ehleyr Wynver. The driver of the delivery crew shrugged, handed over the shipping transfer pad to sign to me, that after pressing a few button and signing the glowing line, the Skybird Racing Swoop was ours.

Luckiest of all was the information that 2B- had discovered that one of the drivers had dropped from the race. After some discussion we also decided that 2B- possessed the best reflects as well as piloting skills to be our Racer in the swoop competition. Following that I went to the only vendor selling swoop improvement parts and using my prominent proficiency at persuading people, I found out that the merchant had two exceedingly and extraordinary Swoop Bike Upgrades kits for sale. Which I would have been a fool to pass up on for only a mere 10,000 credits, which I was more than willing to pay for such rare finds.

After incorporated these upgrade into our new Swoop, some very impressive time trials that 2B- was capable of pulling off, plus some clever adjustments and modifications from our Pit Crew, we felt we had a fairly good chance of placing rather decently in this contest. Once the race began there was a variety of accidents and strange events that occurred, the strangest of all was a masked, half-dressed blue skinned man that ran across the racing track, right in the middle of the contest. I turned to see what Sarwen Gall’s reaction was to this bizarre man’s jarring emergence which caused a number of deadly collisions. Yet oddly he wasn’t there and seemed to have melted into the crowd.

2B- actually beat one of the remaining local favorites out and came in fourth place. We found ourselves celebrating afterward with Vu Jaggotta, and the Rising Flames. Finding them to be relatively pleasant individuals, not at all what we had thought that they would be like and they even told us to keep in touch.

So next we decided that we would pose as group of filmmakers working on a compelling and thought-provoking independent documentary to question the Faleen social worker Viiki Ghishole. Once again we found this possible culprit to be not only pleasant, but also charming and not to mention also slightly informative to our case. Advising us to not approach Kem Xochall without undue cause, he could prove to make our lives difficult as long as we remained on Faleen.

So next we used trying the same cover to get in closer to the prominent Social Revolutionary, Ella Caxir. However, Ella’s receptionist informed us that we wouldn’t be able to see her until the next day. The receptionist did advise that if any of us was interested we could get in two days worth of use out of their self-discovery university grounds and staff, if we wanted to get started today. 2B- was definitely attracted to this offer and paid them the two-hundred credit session fee to begin. While, Sarwen Gall and I went off to a few local businesses to do some more digging around, to prepare us for tomorrow’s interview with Ms Caxir.

The following day we sat on-board my ship, “The Queen of Air and Darkness”, my GV/3-series Guardian droid “K-9” resting his head across the lap of Sarwen Gall, the two seemed to have gotten close since we had all met a few weeks back. We tried checking in with 2B- without success, so we resolved to go on without him. Yet, later than afternoon when we walked into Ella Caxir’s office, mysteriously there was 2B- whom seemed to be her special guest. This interview was much the same as the one that we had with Viiki Ghishole, however Ella seemed to be more connected with herself then really helping her fellow Faleen. We were also able to interview 2B- as one of her recently successful students, finding him to be acting in a somewhat unusually manner. Sarwen also seemed a little bit more than interested in signing up for these courses and was told he could start off first thing tomorrow morning.

For several hours after our odd interview ended, Sarwen and I had talked about had unsettlingly it had left us both feeling. We were also mutually disturbed when 2B- appeared on-board my Corellian YV-545 Transport light freighter performing even more unusually than he had in Ella’s office, to inform us that she had seen him to spy on us. 2B- was convinced that Ella Caxir was evil and needed to be stopped corrupting the minds of others. Soon he had Sarwen persuaded that she had information and perhaps secrets that would aid us on our future explorations. But if we were going to be successful we had to act against her now!

Sarwen and 2B- would storm the offices, while I waited outside in reserve just in case they needed me. Soon after they entered the building there was a series of explosions and I felt a curious disturbance in the Force. My hand drew forth the phrik alloy saber from its waist-mounted baldric, the visible, purplish-pink electromagnetic pulse-generating along the curved blade and I raced to the aid of my friends. I found a path of destruction from the front doors running all the way back to Ella Caxir’s office. She was laughing over their fallen forms, as the dying glow from her hands still cracked with the pure and lethal black Force Lightning. I had very little choice left to me as I leaped at this wielder of the Darkside, driving the tip of my saber into her abdomen and all the way up to its ornamented hand guard.

Ella rather painfully smiled at me, her lips and teeth covered in her dark Faleen blood. She clutched her fingers before me, as I felt my body leaving the ground and my throat constrict as Ella Caxir began to choke the life from me. My next action would prove to be our living or dying here in shadow the Darkside and as I braced myself to take action, I noticed Ella’s eyes glancing over my left shoulder. Then a hailstorm of blaster fire struck her and I watched the life pass from her body. As 2B- had heroically rallied himself together enough to plant one knee on the ground, raise his heavy accelerated charged particle repeater gatling gun before him and unleash it into our powerful adversary.

Even before the dust started to settle, I turned to 2B- our savior from curtain death and helped him to his feet. We only had seconds to act and take what evidence we could before the Faleen Federation Security Forces arrived. I picked up Ella’s personal computer off her desk, as well as a few important looking file folders while 2B- took something off the fallen witch’s neck and then scooped up the still unconscious form of our friend, Sarwen Gall. Then we fled back to my ship and took to the skies, 2B- went right to work healing Sarwen’s injuries, as my droid Leigh scanned Ella’s computer for any worthwhile information proofing her guilt in the crime or connection with the Sith. As the two droids worked, I flew the ship around the planet a few times and then choose a random starport to dock the Queen at, to lay low for a few hours.

After landing, I went to check on 2B- and Sarwen. They were chatting and the droid was checking the young man’s vitals as I walking into the medical bay. 2B- confirmed that Sarwen would be use fine after a few more hours of rest and once I spoke to Sarwen to verify his recovery for myself; I went to see if Leigh’s search for info had proven to be effective. My resourceful droid hadn’t found much expect for a few incriminating personal communications between Ella Caxir and Kem Xochall as well as Ella’s pass code to her office safe. After thanking Leigh, I turned my attention to the files that I had also grabbed up during our hasty retreat. They seemed to be only full of Ella’s most recent personal scheduling itineraries, a few administering financial records and other miscellaneous business transactions, yet nothing that would prove useful to our investigation.

I went down to check on Sarween and 2B- once more only to find that they had left sick-bay and move out in the comfort of the ship’s social lounge. My GV/3 Class Guardian droid, ‘K-9’ had even challenged Sarween Gall to a sociable game of Holomatic Dejarik and the two played the game out to a stalemate. Once fully rested and back up to his full fighting strength our friend Sarween was looking for some payback on the Darkside wielding witch. So the three of us decided that using 2B’s stealth field would get Sarween past the local security forces, allowing him access to remove the Queen’s clothing from Ella Caxir’s safe. He also found HoloVid recordings that would destroy the career of the Faleen Politician and Powerbroker, Kem Xochall not to mention relieving him as the true architect of the crimes against the royal family. While we were we took it upon ourselves to release all Ella Caxir’s self-help materials to ruin her organization, so no one else could take it over.

We handed all of this evidence over to Captain Xishel, which he in turned presented it before the King and Queen. Not only did we receive our promised reward, we as surprising additional benefit, we were given a letter of the highest recommendations from the King of Faleen himself. All-in-all, an adventure that turned out to be a very fortunate one for our crew of misfit voyagers.

Sarwen’s Letter to his old Jedi Master:

From: Sarwen Gall
To: Old Man

So did you hear about the Falleen Queen and how a piece of her royal clothing was stolen? Did you hear about the heroes who recovered the cloth? Know who it was? This guy!

On a more serious note, after that weird feeling of a galaxy wide Force unbalancing… you asked me to keep a look out for dark side activity while out on my ‘travels’. Well, I don’t really know if this is important or not, but the woman behind the plot on Falleen was some sort of dark side witch. It may seem like a minor case of a singular force user being seduced to the dark side but I think it might be a sign of something more. Just read.

My gang mercenaries group was investigating the cloth’s disappearance on Falleen and, after ruling out a swoop racing gang and this really cool revolutionary, we started looking at this self-help guru Ella Caxir. She seemed pretty cool, especially compared to the usual stuck-up Falleen dicks we were encountering. Seriously, these guys make the Jedi seem warm and welcoming. I would hate to meet a Falleen Jedi… they would be a black freaking hole of dick. Anyways, we had the droid infiltrate the center as a student while a Zeltron companion and I arranged a fake interview with the Caxir. Needless to say, things didn’t go as planned. At the interview, Caxir somehow knew that we had come looking for the cloth, likely through some sort of force precognition, and after the interview she sent our own droid to distract and/or kill us. That and I think she did something to the droid… he seemed a lot more trigger happy. Regardless, the droid told us her plan and we decided to storm her place. After running in head first with no plans and killing some innocent guards, we confronted her. Even though she used a force push, which I guess I should have taken as a warning sign, I was able to get a hit on her. However, she used some sort of force lightning which hurt like hell. While this put me out of commission… Luckily, the droid took down the woman using his big gun. After healing up, I snuck into the self-help compound again, using our droids stealth field to get past the local cops, and removed the cloth from Caxir’s safe. We also released all her self-help materials to ruin her organization, as she was previously charging for them, and to show how ridiculous and simple the texts were. We also took an amulet of Caxir’s, which when we tried to sense using the Force revealed a single word: Draken.

As you can see, she was no usual self-help guru. She obviously had some force training as she used multiple force powers. More so, she has heading up an organization that could easily have been turned into a dark side cult… if it was not one already. Finally, this potential dark side cult was responsible for stealing the Queen’s cloth, which sounds like no big deal but, on this ridiculous planet, amounts to destabilizing the government. Thought you guys might want to know about this whole deal. And if you could explain what the heck “Draken” is… that would be… useful

Your Worst Student,
Sarwen Gall

P.S. You can’t corrupt a droid to the dark side, can you?

Session 05

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