Session 06

Session 6: “We got the loot, didn’t we?”

Continuing to use swoop racing to meet new people and get information, the remains of Beret e Vett e Solo were found in the home of his not-paramour. She had apparently commissioned the theft so she would have a keepsake, after sacrificing their love to maintain his honor and rank.
The announcement of the recovery of the diamond was accompanied by news of a bloodstripe award ceremony.

Expired Rumors

• Beret e Vett e Solo, cousin to the King of Corellia, recently died in a racing accident. His remains were cremated, as is the tradition, and turned into a diamond. The diamond has been stolen and the reward for its recovery (50,000 credits) may also include the honor of wearing a Corellian Bloodstripe.

•The Rockhopper, a mining vessel, has gone missing.

Session 06

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