Session 08

Session 8: “Also… I can kill you with my brain.”

The crew pursued more information regarding the shift in the Force and the abilities of other Force traditions that might aid in their endeavor. 2B- hired a Findsman to discover more about his mysterious Sith amulet. With the assistance of the Findsman, the group traveled to Korriaban, home of the ruined Sith Korriban Academy. There they met Taco Hydroxa, master of the Korriban Academy. He began their training with deceptively simple tasks. Training was cut short, however, when a student was found dead, killed by an assassin. The resulting investigation led to an ambush that killed the Findsman and Master Taco, forcing the crew to flee Korriban.
Unable to reach any actionable conclusions regarding the ambush, a vacation was declared. At the Teras Kasi Tournament, 2B- caught sight of a mysterious woman who was joined by a tattooed, male Zabrak. After being scrutinized, the woman vanished and the Zabrakian confronted the crew with a string of armed thermal detonators. Barely surviving the attack, the heroes decide something smelled rotten on Dathomir.

Summary from the observations of Captian K’Ehleyr Wynver:

Our crew decided to gather more information regarding the shift in the Force and discover distinctive abilities of other Force traditions which might be able to aid us in endeavor. The team determined that we would travel to the homeworld of the Gand in the Outer Rim Territories, located in The Slice, just beyond the Centrality, and on the border of Wild Space. To hire a Gand Findsman to discover more about 2B’s mysterious Sith amulet, which might also be connected to the shift in the Force to the Darkside. We narrowed our selection of Findsmans down to two highly renowned hunters, Zhyuss and Zuxuzz. Our group chose Zuxuzz was due to his good record, youth and lower price, we found the Gand Findsman wielding a traditional Shock Prod Staff. With the assistance of our newly hired Findsman, our crew traveled to Korriaban, home of the ruined Sith Korriban Academy. Once landing there our crew faced overwhelming numbers fighting invisible giant desert lizards, both Sarwen and I were injured, I was poisoned and my health was fading quickly. 2B- doctored the two of us back to health and the following morning we met Sith Master Taco Hydroxa, Headmaster of the Korriban Academy. We were allowed to continue our investigation into the shifting in the force as long as we agreed to begin training with Master Hydroxa. So we began our training with seemingly simple tasks. However, our training was cut short, when on the second day I found another student dead, he had been killed by an assassin. Our resulting investigation led to an ambush that killed both our Gand Findsman and Master Hydroxa, forcing our crew to flee Korriban.

Once I had punched the button that had the boarding ramp up, I yelled for 2B- to get us out of here, right before I collapsed myself. 2B- flew The Queen of Air and Darkness, our customized Corellian Engineering Corporation YV-545 Transport light freighter into a planetary orbit of Korriban, then helped me to one of the ship’s Athakam Medtech’s mobile medbeds. The droid spent the next few hours healing Sarwen Gall, who nearly died during the initial assault of the ambush. Once 2B- had the young Mirialan man stabilized, he moved over to nurse me back to health. During that entire time neither the ship’s sensors nor any of the crew noticed any ship leaving Korriban. Unable to reach any actionable conclusions regarding the ambush, we decided to use our Czerka Corporation schematics based on varied models of HK units to construct a small division of droid bodyguards. The crew used a portion of Leigh’s OS to re-program the HK’s to be Guard-droids as opposed to following their assassination protocols. Each droid was built through the co-operation of:

• The valiant droid, 2B-
• Cass, 2B’s personal mechanic
• Captain K’Ehleyr Wynver
• LE-74D80, ‘Leigh’ – K’Ehleyr’s personal repair droid

These HK’s appeared, to the untrained eye, to be nothing more than servant droids. The crew then thought it would be a good idea to give each HK a name rather than designation number to give them a sense of individuality. Hewie was based on the schematics of HK-01 primarily serves 2B, Jim was based on the schematics of HK-05 primarily serves Sarwen Gall and Lewie was based on the schematics of HK-12 primarily serves me.

A trip to the planet of Bunduki located within the Pacanth Reach in the Outer Rim Territories was agreed upon, attending the Teräs Käsi Tournament under the guise of extreme sports enthusiasts. While there, 2B- caught sight of this mysterious Dathomirian woman and at the same time Sarwen and myself felt a darkness through the force. 2B- directed our attention towards her in the crowd and our force senses locked onto her as the source of darkness. She left the tournament and led us to a seedy looking Cantina. There she was joined by a tattooed, male Zabrak. After each of us attempted to scrutinize the woman through the force and failed, she vanished right before a thermal detonator exploded which killed or seriously wounded everyone in the Cantina. The Zabrakian howled with laughter as he revealed a string of six armed thermal detonators, we fled from him right before the massive blast which we barely survived.

After this chance encounter on Bunduki and consulting with Sarwen’s old Jedi mentor to confirm the indentifies of each assassins’ race, it was also suggested to us that the Dathomirian Nightsisters may be behind the shift in the Force. We are now making preparations to embark on a trip to planet Dathomir to seek the truth for ourselves.

Sarwen’s Letter to his old Jedi Master:

From: Sarwen Gall
To: Old Man

I think we’re finally hot on the trail of the cause of the shift in the force. Very hot. Like, we are getting blown up by explosions kinda hot. Long story. After not knowing what the hell to do and resorting to visiting force users around the galaxy to dig for leads and other information, we hired a Gand Findsman who traced the vision of Draken to the old Sith home planet of Korriban. My group landed and braved the harsh planet’s environment until we discovered a complex still operating after all this years. Entering it, we discovered it to be a Sith academy. After encountering the academy’s head teacher, we decided to study there like we had at the home worlds of other traditions infiltrate the institution. We easily passed the first couple of tasks we were given. Simple things like moving rocks but there were signs of sinister undertones. We were told not to work together and the second exercise was structured to pits us against each other if we desired to be malicious. The Jedi might be a bunch of stuck up pricks but the Sith seem like selfish and aggressive dicks.
More importantly, we never got to our third day of training. After the second day’s task, again rock based, was complete, our group spread out to explore the complex. Our droid 2B- discovered the corpse of one of the students, a male Zabrek I had observed training by repeatedly punching a wall. The Zabrek had been shot with such force that his head had been severed from his body and a massive hole was left in his chest. Concerned, we called the Sith teacher and the Findsman and traced down the spot where the sniper had setup to take the shot. As we examined the site, a hidden mine went off doing massive damage to my group and knocking me out. Additional mines went off outside the academy and we were sniped at as we attempted to make it to our ship. Once off the planet and recovered, Duron and I analyzed the attack and realized that our group was the target, not the academy as we previously thought.
Hoping to limit our attacker’s options, we headed to Bunduki during the Teräs Käsi tournament. The increased security and dense population, we believed, would narrow the scope of assassin’s possible actions and give us a chance to go vacationing. We built three highly dangerous HK droids to act as look outs and security to cover the left over approaches and vulnerabilities. During the festivities, multiple members of my group sensed a dark presence which we traced to a woman making her way through the crowd. We followed her to a tavern and covertly sat down to observe her. After waiting for a good amount of time, she was met by turbaned Zabrek man. While the two sat next to each other, neither spoke a word. Taking the initiative, I drunkenly approached the woman and attempted to speak with her. Suddenly, fire filled the tavern as a thermal grenade went off. As the fire receded, the woman had disappeared and the man was standing with a crazy look on his face and multiple thermal grenades. Obviously only keeping his fire blasted body together with the force, he activated the grenades. I made my way out of the tavern’s front door and my compatriots broke into the basement to ride out the even larger blast, which brought down the building.
After all the commotion died down and we were finished speaking with the authorities, we had time to reflect on the attack. First, it was obvious that we were again the targets. Secondly, Duron informed us that the woman was a Nightsister witch and that the man was likely from a similar cult dark side cult. This was the first indication of an organization behind all the dark side activity. As I am sure you know, the Nightsisters aren’t well understood and even less is known about their home world of Dathomir. To get to the bottom of the attacks on my group, which are most certainly being performed in retaliation for our investigation into the shift in the force, we will be heading to that mysterious planet of Dathomir. This is an opportunity for the Jedi to both learn more about Dathomir and shed light onto the current state of the Force. Most certainly, I’m sure you’d agree that someone with a strong feeling for the force should be involved to make senses of the metaphysical happening likely to be found at the source of the troubles. If you could spare such a person, we would probably both benefit…
Just make sure you don’t send a dick.

Your Worst Student,
Sarwen Gall

P.S. If you send people, if you’re going to send anyone, it would be good if they were immune to explosions.

Session 08

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