Session 09

Session 9: “That’s sort of the point. Stealth, you may have heard of it.”

After building a series of droid bodyguards, a chance encounter at the Bunduki Teräs Käsi Tournament suggests the Nightsisters of Dathomir may be behind the shift in the Force. Preparations begin for a trip to Dathomir.

K’Ehleyr’s Mission Log:

Grid coordinates: O-6, located in the Quelli sector, of the Outer Rim Territories, was Domir the primary star of the Dathomir system. It was orbited by ten planets. The fourth and primary world in the system had four moons and was called, Dathomir. It was a very obscure, beautiful and dangerous planet that served as home for multiple penal colonies and settlements, as well as home to a number of darkside Dathomirian Exiled Force Adepts, known as the Nightsisters.

The crew met many friendly inhabitants during their first week on the planet. Until one afternoon as the ship suddenly started receiving a cluster of missile fire launched from the cover of the trees below, the Force-sensitive form Jedi student climbed up into the dorsal dual heavy laser cannon turrets and began to return fire. A few moments later the droid, 2B- slid down the ladder to the ventral turret and got into the gunner’s chair to help protect The Queen of Air and Darkness. Now was time to react with as many guns as possible back to the attackers from below.

K’Ehleyr put her light freighter through some impressive defensive maneuvers to avoid the unknown missile launchers from the forest and jungle. She decided to make a strafing run as she brought the ship in for a landing. K’Ehleyr brought up the retractable double light turbolasers as well as the forward mounted autoblaster online and helped blast back as she used the Queen’s banks of dorsal fin maneuvering jets to bring it down, completely undamaged.

After the freighter was securely down, the crew used 2B-’s stealth fields to capture their attackers as well as interrogate them afterward. They did not seem to know much, but said that the Nightsisters were rumored to be in the far north of this area. The crew left their attackers bound to trees, and re-boarded the freighter to fly closer to the lights that they had seen the night before.

Session 09

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