Session 11

Session 11: “Ha ha ha! Mine is an evil laugh! Now DIE!”

The investigators made their way to the largest colony yet. Their chief, the most expendable of their elders, both offered information and his assistance. Sarwen Gall drank heavily that evening and was abducted during the night. The next morning, Headman Ko-Moo accompanied them to the lair of the Sisters and gave aid to the injured during their desperate battle with Arro Nar.

Mission Log:

On the isolated and dangerous planet of Dathomir that remained largely undisturbed since their only active outposts were various planetary penal colonies established by the Old Republic. Our ship’s guardian droids had developed and drilled themselves into a supreme efficient team of commandoes, well worth every credit as well as each and every hour spent to create them. A big part of their success was our team utilized a portion of my repair droid, Leigh’s OS, to re-program the HK’s to be a team of security droids as opposed to following their assassination protocols. This freed the rest of the crew of The Queen of Air and Darkness to continue with away-team missions or aid in a ship-to-ship battle among other things. Our current undertaking was to find the Night Sisters. Along the way we met and befriended a number of former penal colonists, as well as their native born offspring. Each settlement seemed to be extremely grateful and appreciative for any amounts of goods or services offered to them by our crew.

Early one afternoon we were approached by two young hunters, who appeared exceptionally eager to meet off-worlders. The crew invited the two young boys to join us and share a meal. The adolescent males had happened to have a fresh kill and recently dug-up turnip like roots, which they also offered to contribute towards the feast. My GV/3-series Guardian droid (K-9) climbed down the boarding ramp carrying supplies for the evening meal as well as medical kits and ration packs for the two to take back to their people. The boys, who turned out to be much younger then the crew of the Queen had assumed, really enjoyed seeing and interacting with a droid dog.

Although we had guessed the duo to be both around four-teen, the elder one was only twelve and the other was barely eleven. The following morning we got a firsthand example of just how highly experienced these boys were. Despite their youth, they were already amazingly skilled as trackers, scouts and hunters. The crew of the Queen had no doubts that these two could more than hold their own in an adult expedition and hunting party. The pair kept explaining that: “They were from the Blue Hill’s people, but not of the Blue Hill Tribe”. They gave the distinct impression of being so at ease as they guided us back to their own clan, avoiding Rancor and other exceedingly treacherous natural predators that our group’s Gand Findman began to more precisely observe their extraordinary techniques, also impressed by these adolescent heroes as the rest of us were.

A few hours later the boys introduced us to their tribe’s headman and chieftain. The man was a reasonable leader and seemed to have left his past behind him to create a new life for himself here on the harsh world of Dathomir. This was something we had noticed with most of the inhabitance we had met thus far on this world. The Darkside had left its mark on these people, but as cruel as that was, these people seemed to be making the best of this uninhabited planet that was imposed on them. Their chief told us that that there were many stories of the Night Sisters taking young males of various humanoid species in the night, never to be seen again.

We called for the ship to come pick us up and the droids were more than capable of bringing the Queen around without any trouble. We flew to our next landing location. From there we took our new landspeeder through the forest and jungle pathways until we reached huge fortress walls and gates blocking our course. We decided to park the speeder off among the trees and cover it with camo netting. 2B- as he often does sent his crawling eye to spy ahead. Once the droid reported back that the people on the other side of the giant walls seemed to be nonthreatening, we thought that the best approach would be to just peacefully proceed towards the gates and announce ourselves as friendly.

The guards at the great gate called down for us to wait, as they would send out their headman to speak with us to determine what our intensions were. This is when and where our crew first met K0-M00. How does one describe meeting a person like K0-M00? I am not sure that you can. He asked us what we wanted there, if our plans included killing him and if so, we might as we get on with it. We, of course, informed him that we had no intension of doing anything like that. We just wanted to do perhaps a little trading, however we mostly wanted to know if he or anyone it the village might know something about the Night Sisters.

K0-M00 immediately asked us to only speak to him about this matter, since he had been conducting investigation of his own about them and what threat they might pose to his people. He set us up in a small cottage near his own. Afterwards we were invited for a drink to K0-M00’s hut and talk some more privately about our identical problems. K0-M00’s information was that many of the nearby villages, including his own had been infiltrated by Night Sister’s supporters and had been make off with young males during the night. He even had a few individuals that he suspected, but didn’t want to cause any sort of difficulties with those women he alleged were involved.

Later that evening Sarwen Gall seemed to be getting very friendly with the hefty, somewhat wealthy, distillery woman, simple known as Gordita. 2B- left the gathering somewhat earlier to go and discuss matters with his latest comrade, K0-M00. While I felt somewhat helpless to try to get between Sarwen and Gordita, after making a number of completely ignored excuses of how Sarwen and the rest of us needed to get up early to do our chores. I regretfully took myself to bed worried about the safety of my young Mirialan friend.

The following morning Sarwen was missing. No one had seen him since very late last night and not too long after I turned in for the night, 2B- myself and the rest of our crew went to K0-M00’s hut to alert him as to what had transpired during the night. K0-M00 and 2B- had come to some type of understanding during their confidential conversation during the night. K0-M00 ordered his sons to bring him his travelling gear and his massive Rancor bone-spiked club, nearly seven feet in length and brutally thick.

K0-M00 leads us to a series of caves, which he believed to be the base of the Nightsisters. Soon we found our lost and slightly disoriented friend, Sarwen. As we sneaked back into the cavernous area to have a look around we encountered one of the slaves to the Night Sisters, Arro Nar’s whose Force talent with fire has been twisted into a mastery of “The Circle of Darkness Flame”. The primary attack is half Fire and half Dark Force, which he hurled us with explosive impacts.

However, his secondary and more insidious power was his ability to distribute his enslavement, forcing our party to not only fight him, but ourselves and each other to become subdued or act in his stead. His preferred methods of first weaken our crew with his dark circle of flames and then forcing us to attack one another was beyond malicious, if not for K0-M00’s bravery, we might have all died in that horrible place. As our desperate battle with Arro Nar came to an end and our enemy lay dying, black flames consuming his destroyed body and as he felt a faint touch of the light side once more, he thanked our group for saving and setting him free once more.

Session 11

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