Session 12

Session 12: “No power in the ’verse can stop me.”

Having entered the stronghold of the Night Sisters, the first encounter with one of their students did not go well. In the end, Arro Nar was defeated, though it nearly killed the Jedi, once-Padawan and their companions. With such powerful disciples, how can they defeat the Sisters? They continue into the caves…

Mission Log:

On the remote and treacherous world of Dathomir, the crew of the Queen of Air and Darkness, finds themselves’ deep in the subterranean stronghold of the Night Sisters. After our group’s last encounter with Arro Nar’s in retrospect went badly considering as black flames consuming his devastated body we could see and feel what was the peaceful converge of the light side fell over Arro once more. To make us even more aware of the change in him, he thanked our group for saving and setting him free which made us realized we might have been able to save him, without it coasting him his life. We find a similar chamber to Nar’s only much larger, thus far we couldn’t see or since anyone inside the cavern. Our group discussed trying a new approach to entering this cave, last time we gave in too quickly to our fears and believes that all we would find there would be evil and death.

After some discussion we agreed that I would explore ahead and try to be more observant, maybe if there were any other captive males to find here working for the Night Sisters, they too might be slaves and perhaps could be freed at no additional loss of life. I entered inside the vast grotto finding it to be tremendously still and quiet. On the very edge of darkness itself, I unearth more candles that are incandescently shimmering in the shadows. Out of the blue an almost unfathomable deep voice nearly knocked me down, however there wasn’t any auditory sound being produced in the cavern with me. It was a pure mental projection which shook me to the very core of my being.

Abruptly there was now a stirring that could be felt within the inky black center of the cave and in the central point even darker still was a figure. The outline of a nearly furless Cathar was shuddering out of control and his nearly broken body was covered in a massive amount of scar tissue. The form found in this focal point of pain and suffering was Race Hondo, his body was being held together barely by the dark side of the force. His incomplete plunge into the dark side was honestly due to his mental, physical, and moral resilience to the Night Sisters’ influence which fascinated them. After speaking with him only to discover that he was just by a hair’s breadth away from losing all control directly related to how much pain he was currently in.

Reporting back to the team we scrutinized our well-stocked field medical kits and from that discovered a two-part mixture intramuscular morphine. I returned to Race Hondo’s side with the two scourges to administer subcutaneous injections and almost immediately there came a peaceful change over him. “Thank you, my friend I once more feel like myself again and I have you to thank for that”. He told me I didn’t believe this was enough and neither did the other members of the crew. So we instructed K0-M00 to take the injured Jedi, our Gand Findsman as well as Race to where we hid the speeder and from there to where our ship was left hidden among the trees in the forest.


• A highly-skilled xenobiologist and biochemist, Milson “White Glove” Busker is attending the Pazaak Quarter 2 Coronet League First Elimination Tournament in Coronet.

• Marko Durn found the treasure of Mott Celis (renowned Nanth’ri pirate) in an asteroid field.

• A besalisk collector, Heyaw Fass, is looking for an agent to bid on lightsaber schematics penned by Oss Wilum. If he attends the auction himself, he is sure to be recognized and bidding will increase the price. The hired agent will have time to study the blueprints, of course.

• The Bunduki Teräs Käsi Tournament Grand Prize this year is 45000 credits. The Followers of Palawa are offering a bonus: the top 4 competitors will receive free membership and a year’s training with a Teräs Käsi Master.

• An HK-01 has been spotted in the galactic core. Both law enforcement and criminal organizations are offering rewards ranging from 15000 to 500000 credits for information and/or the droid.

• Czerka corporation is offering contracts to explore part of a planet in the unknown regions. The offer includes a 15000 credit advance, a flat 50000 credit fee on completion, 500 credits per diem, and up to 100000 credit bonus.

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Session 12

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