Session 2: “See Vera? Dress yourself up, you get taken out somewhere fun.”

The Easy Lady has returned to Corellia for a new designation and minor refitting.

Cera Vanadanta, a wealthy Coruscant noblewoman was deeply in love with the poet, Naaq Vee. As Vee is of the Ensterite faith, his family forbade the marriage and arranged for him to marry a fellow Ensterite, Yana Sul. The formal ball (bachelor party) was a perfect opportunity to liberate Naaq. Cera has paid 10,000 credits to assist her lover to elope (and aid in the leaving).

For avoiding a conflict, she has paid a 8,000 credit bonus payment and included a special gift: a brand-new Rendil Sunrise.


Ex:SWTOR 1, A Shift in the Force Jp12x