Session 03: “Can I make a suggestion that doesn’t involve violence, or is this the wrong crowd for that?”

The crew trekked into silonian country on Corellia to investigate a rumored crystal mine. slipping past local law enforcement in a rented speeder, they made their way to and into a recently closed facility. Using rented mining equipment, it was a simple matter to locate and mine kilograms of crystals while watching out for local fauna. However, after a few days of work, other scavengers attempted an ambush. A quick battle and cleanup later, the group headed back to port.

The crystals were fenced [FOR FAR MORE THAN THE STATED RUMOR PRICE SOMEHOW :)] on Coruscant. Basic principles of larceny and stolen goods pricing left our thieves with fewer credits than expected and a bad taste in their mouths, a fight narrowly avoided.

A subsequent trip to an ongoing archeological dig found Hanna Mess. She had been on Coruscant conducting a seismic survey and identified a starship’s remains deep within the labyrinthine mechanical subsystems of the planet. The Arkanian historian believes the remains of droid revolutionary HK-01 are on board. A “droid cult” operates in the area, preventing “biologicals” from approaching the starship. Mess further believes the vessel contains a light saber owned by Jedi Master Arca Jeth. The weapon was lost to a droid and forced Master Jeth to spontaneously develop the “mechu macture” Force ability. She related her story, including that her personal droids were instrumental in helping her avoid a death sentence while studying the area.
Meanwhile, Captain Shevel has completed refitting the “Lucky Lady XVI” and is carring a shipment of Wyren’s Reserve.

Expired Rumors

• A shipment of several tons of Whyren’s Reserve (Corellian whiskey) has been delayed due to a contract renegotiation with the current shipper. Rather than keep his customer waiting, Masten Gato is looking for a shipper who is willing to buy the shipment at a wholesale price (10,000 credits) to triple their money on delivery.

• D’ow Fej, a Trandoshan hitman, is looking to leave the system, on the quiet. He failed to assassinate Namnaw the Hutt and is wanted alive by Namnaw for 25,000 credits. He is looking to buy unregistered passage to and arrival on a core world for 10,000 credits. Vor the Hutt is now offering a public bounty for Namnaw the Hut (100,000 credits).

• Orange Force-Sensitive crystals grow in caves beneath the planet Corellia. It is illegal to mine or transport them. There is a new demand for force-sensitive crystals on Ord Mantell. But, the difficulty in obtaining them means local ‘merchants’ are willing to pay 2500 credits per kilo.

• A local Arconan journalist, Nallak Polag, has gone missing. He normally works the Technology beat for the News.

• The black market trader, Jo Dunn, has an urgent need for a Soro-Suub 30-KL-45 coolant hydro-valve. The part is only available at a handful of refueling stations, where the part is used in specialized reactors.

• The Jade Band is a local black market network. They are said to have work, but you have to find and join them to get a job. Duro junk dealer and salvager, Morae Eucliptan, is rumored to be a member.


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