Session 1: “Take us out of the world, Wash. We got us some crime to be done.”

Poor Captain Shevel is a bad judge of character. A retired officer of the Corellian Security Force (CorSec), he sunk his entire life savings into a ship (the Easy Lady XV) and cargo. Run after run, he found his pension being spent on making up shortfalls due to consistent lack of profits. Recently, his ship was impounded, and he imprisoned, when the customs inspection found a crate of Gizka hidden on board (with attached Bill of Lading and delivery instructions). The former crew of the Easy Lady is now stranded on Ord Mantell and unable to smuggle goods under Shevel’s hapless watch. Ships are available for purchase, lease, trade, and barter… …but these rascals might just steal the best and run.

The crew decided to investigate the reasons for Shevel’s arrest. Finding a mysterious data stip, they contacted Corellian Security and received assistance in finding and rescuing Shevel. Now, the ship needs a new designation and refit, for security reasons.

From the diary of Klemit Do Hanan:
At a cantina on Ord Mantell, droid is communicating with us through an extended probe. The Lucky Lady XV, which has been impounded with the Vestal Virgin inside. We do not know where Shevel is being held. We decide to sneak into the ship itself in order to check the captain’s log for further clues. An Aqualish security guard is guarding the north end of the facility, Omer drunkenly hops the fence while yelling “Losers!”. 2B & Klemit enter the ship, nothing seems amiss onboard. Shevel may be held on trumped-up charges do to the lack of suspicious material. Klemit finds the remains of an ID card concealed in the captain’s quarters- only the magnetic strip, which she retains. 2B does a check to make sure the ship is sailworthy; there is a lock on the hyperdrive and engines are at about 40%. Talin and Klemit board the Vestal Virgin and ensure that its sailworthy, 2B and Sarwen join them. Arriving at a new, safe location.
Upon swiping the magnetic strip, a message appears: “secure communication connection created”, not the standard response. “Code 4 recognized, protocol initiated, lay low and await for further instructions” flashes on the screen, then disconnects. They wait, observing, then swipe the following day and receive a message saying that someone is coming. A knock on the door, Sarwen stands beside the door with a lance. A man in a plain black flight jumpsuit, carrying a pack, attempts to enter immediately. “Where’s Sol?” An ally of Sol’s, he reluctantly identifies himself as Corellian security and wants to know what our plan is. He has a weak tracer and pinpoints Sol to an island on Ord Mantell, about a continent away. He says his name is Vingell, he doesn’t have his own ship or additional support. The Vestal Virgin makes the trip. Life signs pick up roughly humanoid creatures, based on movement and temperature. The ship lands offshore from the beach and wade ashore, noticing a Savrip hunting party. They notice us and advance, ignoring Klemit’s overtures of peace. Sarwen takes a turn at communication, grunting, and convinces them that we mean no harm and are passing through. Moving through dense vegetation, the group notices observation devices and that their presence is felt. 2B activates his invisibility field, obscuring all members. Presently the signal leads them to a small bunker with a single entrance. After waiting outside, still invisible, a group of guards emerge, heading for a perimeter walk. The group sneaks inside unseen before the blast doors close. A ride down a freight elevator takes them into a warehouse-sized holding facility, where Shevel is found, along with other captives including an Ithorian and two Rodians, inside energy-barred cells. Guards with stun-batons.


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