Swoop Racing


Swoop racing is a high-speed spectator sport using modified swoop engines. The vehicles involved often reach speeds of 600 kilometers per hour. Racers compete on unique, local courses filled with obstacles and speed-enhancing “acceleration pads”. Swoop Racing is often regarded as a safer alternative to podracing since the tracks are much less complex and the risk of injury or death is not as high as the faster podracing events.

Professional Racing Leagues
Swoop Racing Professionals endure rigorous training, instruction, certification, and hundreds of hours of education. A professional is expected to be a teacher and racer, an expert race director, merchandiser, referee, businessman, and community leader. The great majority of professional racers (at least 95%) make their living from teaching the game, running clubs and courses, and dealing in parts and equipment. A much smaller but higher profile group of professional racers earn a living from racing in tournaments. They earn prize money and endorsements. These individuals are referred to as swoop racing pros, tour professionals, or as pro swoop racers.
Professional Racing Leagues each sponsor a tour of at least 1 major annual event and more than a dozen smaller events for their members. Most members of a tour race between 20 and 30 tournaments in the season. A small fee of a few hundred credits is usually charged for skills assessments, for each qualifying day of an event, and for annual membership. In most events, the field is 125 to 160 racers. Participants are divided into groups and the best 23 times qualify for the race. All racers making the cut earn money for the tournament with the winner usually receiving 20% of the total prize money.

• The PSRA (Professional Swoop Racing Association) 3808 BBY season includes 44 official money events in 42 weeks, including 6 alternate events played the same week as a higher status tournament.
• The SRR (Swoop Racers of the Rim) 3808 BBY season includes 38 official money events in 44 weeks, including 3 alternate events played the same week as a higher status tournament.
• The GSRL (Galactic Swoop Racing League) 3808 BBY season includes 41 official money events in 40 weeks, including 5 alternate events played the same week as a higher status tournament.

Amateur Racing Courses
Many planets, have amateur swoop tracks. Competing swoop racers do not take to the track at the same time. Instead, each racer races alone over a course. After all racers have completed one or more trials, the racer with the best time wins. The award for victory is usually “race bonds” which can be used to pay for parts and fees, sold to other racers, or redeemed for credits. There is a common social class distinction between amateur and professional racers, as professional tours have numerous travel, entry, and membership costs. Moreover, amateur races are not allowed to award more than 850 credits. Race bonds are often worth more than this amount, but a track cannot legally redeemed more than 850 credits per race.

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Swoop Racing

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