Coruscant is at 0, 0, 0. The system is not at the galactic center and is above the galactic ecliptic. The coordinates are measured in units of 15 parsecs (roughly 49 light years). A standard navicomputer tracks these coordinated to hundreds of decimal places when calculating or verifying a hyperspace course.

• In the Old Republic era, hyperspace beacons contain current information regarding hazards and obstacles along a route. A navicomputer is used to interpret the information and plot a course.
• In the Rise of the Empire era and later, the holonet is used to update navicomputers which maintain a database of known routes. Downloading updates to the database is a standard docking procedure at many ports.

A hyperspace route not only gives coordinates for a start and end point, it charts and entire course, avoiding obstacles and danger. It is possible to have (or guess) coordinates for a destination without having a verified route. However, jumping to unverified coordinates contains the same risk as jumping to random coordinates: the galaxy is full of hazards that will damage or destroy a ship in hyperspace. As an added difficulty, if your ship is merely damaged, it will drop from hyperspace at a point somewhere short of the intended destination with a damaged hyperdrive.
Plotting a hyperspace jump requires a Navigation check (Intelligence + Lore) at a minimum difficulty of 2.


Multiply your base travel time by the rating of your hyperdrive.

Within the same quadrant (N/S/E/W or NE/NW/SE/SW) of the galaxy, cut your base travel time in half.

Hyperspace routes are generally wide (compared to a vessel) and, while safe, not necessarily “optimal”. A successful Navigation check (Intelligence + Lore) at a difficulty of 2 will subtract up to 12 hours from the trip (Each Success subtracts 1 hour from travel time; Failure increases travel time by 50% or adds 6 hours, whichever is less; A Botch doubles the time or adds 12 hours, whichever is less).

A flight from Coruscant to Corellia with a Rating 3 hyperdrive. Player rolls 2 successes.
• [Core World to Core World, base time 6 hours]
• [Both are in the same quadrant, reduces to 3 hours]
• [Hyperdrive rating 3, means 3 hours x3 or a total of 9 hours]
• [Subtract 2 skill check sucesses from 9. the trip takes 7 hours]

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